Rilke Schule Verein
Update for the Rilke Schule APC

Craig Mollerstuen

Oktoberfest 2007

Many thanks to Chalon and Kimala Rein for coordinating the Verein's effort at the 2007 Oktoberfest. We also thank the parents, teachers and other volunteers who made this happen.

Rilke Schule students performed Friday and Saturday night at the event. The K-3 students sang for the attendees. The 4-8 students performed some dances.

The Verein had a table with information and students collected nearly $1,000 for the playground fund.

Verein Directors

At the Verein membership meeting on September 27 Amanda Gentile, Barbara Farmer, Terri Wood and Cassie Jeremias were elected to the board of directors for the verein.

Per our bylaws, it was decided at the October 5 Verein Board meeting that Amanda, Barbara, Cassie and Terri would serve two year terms and that Craig, Jens and Renata would serve a one year term. Board terms are two years (except for the first board.)

Verein Officers

At the October 5 Verein Board meeting the following officers were elected:

President - Craig Mollerstuen
Vice President - Terri Wood
Treasurer - Pam Drury

The position of Secretary is vacant.

Verein Workgroups

A list Verein workgroups and the workgroup leaders is available on our web site.

Michelle Turinsky and Jeff Ullon volunteered to lead the Playground workgroup. Denny Drury volunteered to lead the Recruitment & PR group.

We are looking for workgroup leaders for the following groups: Parking Lot, Germany Travel/Exchange, Kriskindlmarkt. (I don't expect we will sponsor a Kriskindlmarkt this year.)

St. Martinstag

Evelyn Newhouse is coordinating a Sankt Martinstag celebration for the evening of November 16, 2007. Please plan to join us for a parade of lanterns, hot chocolate and cider.


We are expecting an electronic draft of the school directory this month and after review, a paper copy to follow.