Welcome to the Rilke Schule Verein

The Rilke Schule Verein is the parent, teacher, community organization (PTO) supporting the Rilke Schule. Verein is the German word for: association, club, union or society. The Verein is a non-profit corporation that is legally separate from the school.

Our Mission:
To engage in activities relating to the support of the Rilke Schule Charter School, the education of the children enrolled therein, the fostering of relationships between the school, parents, teachers and the community, and to serve its members and the public.

The Rilke Schule Verein has the following Goals:
  • Recruit Students
    • Financial support from the state is based on the number of enrolled students. In order for the school to meet its budget the target number of students have to be recruited and maintained. Fewer students means reduced financial support and a weaker school.
  • Coordinate Volunteers
    • Even with state funding, the needs of charter schools extend beyond the money provided by the state. Strong charter and optional schools rely on the support of parents, family members and community members. Volunteers provide many educational benefits and enrichment opportunities to the students of the school. Supporting the teachers and administration extends their ability to teach our children.
  • Raise Funds
    • Every school has needs that are not met by state, local and federal funding. This is especially true in charter schools where the school must pay for its own facilities. Supplemental fundraising can pay for equipment, supplies, faculty, training, professional development, enrichment programs, special events and more. The more money raised, the more and better opportunities for our children.

Reasons to Join the Rilke Schule Verein:
  • Being a member entitles you to elect the Directors of the organization and influence its goals, priorities and direction.
  • Membership fees provide the funds for program development, fundraising and startup costs.
  • Membership fees are $10 per year for the first family member and $5 per year for each additional family member
  • Sign up here: Membership

Volunteer at the Rilke Schule
  • Are you a parent of a student at the Rilke Schule? There are many opportunities to help both at the school and at home. Check the RSV E-Newsletter, weekly newsletters from your students' teachers, or contact the school for specific opportunities. Completed volunteer hours should be documented in the RSV Volunteer Index Card record, located at the school.
  • Not a parent or relative of a Rilke Schule student? Not a problem. We are always interested in volunteers who can help out. You can help at school or at your home or place of work. There are lots of projects going on and we need all kinds of skills and resources. Please contact the RSV Volunteer Coordinators to be contacted with volunteer needs as they arise, or join a specific workgroup.
  • RSV Volunteer Coordinators: Tallee Wellman (ssasee@gmail.com) and Terri Wood (aktwood@yahoo.com)

Join the Rilke Schule Verein e-Mail List
  • If you would like to receive periodic updates regarding the Rilke Schule from the RSV, then please join our e-mail list
  • The RSV e-mail list is a project of the Verein, not of the school, nor of the APC.
  • E-mails sent through the e-mail list are moderated by the RSV Communications Coordinator(s).
  • To join, send an email to rilke.schule.verein@gmail.com

Visit the official Rilke Schule web site
  • The official school web site is a great place for information regarding the school, the academic policy committee (APC), staff and teachers, policies, etc.
  • http://www.rilkeschule.org/

Join the Rilke Schule Verein.
Please volunteer your time and pledge your resources. Thank You!