Donation Policy

A donation is hereby defined as – a gift of money, goods or services to a fund or collection not in lieu of other goods or services.

Money paid for items purchased or services performed during a fundraiser will not be considered a donation.

The RSV accepts all kinds of donations to include but not limited to money, merchandise and services.

The RSV reserves the right to refuse any donation.

The RSV has non-profit 501(c)(3) status, therefore any donation, except a service performed, may be claimed as a tax deduction. A letter acknowledging a donation, with the Tax ID information, will be provided upon request.

Any entity donating $10 or more will be given the opportunity to apply $10 toward the annual RSV Membership fee and become an RSV member.

All donors will receive invites to our fundraising and morale functions.

Donations given for a specific project or purchase will have proceeds distributed as follows, after the membership option: 10% of the proceeds given to the RSV Permanent Fund Account, 10% given to the General Account and the remaining 80% will go directly to the project or purchase for which the funds were raised.

Donations given for the Permanent Fund Account will have 100% of the donation, after the membership option, given to the RSV Permanent Fund Account

Donations given without a specific project or purchase designated will have proceeds distributed as follows, after the membership option: 10% given to the RSV Permanent Fund Account and the remaining 90% will go to the RSV General Account.


The RSV’s desire is to put your donation to the best and highest use possible as we strengthen our programs and school. Flexibility in use of donated funds is a condition of acceptance by the RSV. Use of your donation for specific items may cost less than anticipated and result in money being used to purchase additional items for the classroom or items may cost more than anticipated resulting in fewer items being purchased. In addition, items may end up not being purchased immediately after a donation is made if unforeseen obstacles are encountered sometimes resulting in a lengthy delay. In rare cases money raised for a specific purpose changes over time as more information becomes evident as to its efficacy and the stated goal is no longer pursued. In such cases the money, if donated to the RSV for the stated use is not used, it is contributed to the general fund of the RSV. Gifts of money or other items to the school by parents or other donors does not constitute a contract or promise by the RSV or its members to offer specific class or program levels, employment of specific teachers or assistants, use of specific vendors or specific contractors or implementation of a school improvement by a certain date; unless such date is specified in writing. If donated funds result in obligations that interfere with the direct operation and goals of the Rilke Schule the school reserves the right to return the donation and to modify its policies.

Money in the Permanent Fund Account will be used for the specific purpose of providing investment and growth in the Rilke Schule Verein Corporate entity, the Rilke Schule German School of Arts & Sciences and our children. The interest earned by the Permanent Fund Account will be considered income and be transferred to the General Account.

Money in the General Account is used to finance morale and social events throughout the year, purchase products for the school store, purchase start-up materials for school/RSV fundraisers or purchase any item requested by the school or the Academic Policy Committee that is not financed completely by another means.


Donation Procedures