Donation Procedure

1. If an individual/company donate to the school, APC or RSV:
  • a. Show the donor a copy of the RSV Donation Policy and disclaimer.
  • b. Get the donor’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address, amount (if known), date and person accepting the donation.
2. Give the donation and the collected information to the treasurer.
3. The treasurer will deposit the check according to the Donation Policy and forward the donor’s gathered information to the Recruiting and PR Workgroup leader.
4. The Recruiting & PR Workgroup leader will document the donor’s information in a Donations tracking spreadsheet.
5. If the donor qualifies as an Honored Donor, the donor’s e-mail and mailing addresses will be given to the Communications Workgroup leader to be included in the appropriate communications commensurate with the donor’s obtained donation level.
6. The Recruiting & PR Workgroup leader will get any additional items coinciding with the donation level obtained and ensure the items are given to the donor.
7. If the donor has obtained a donation level of 3 or higher, the Recruiting & PR Workgroup leader will have their name added to the appropriate wall plaque in the school office/hall/display area.